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Reclaim California's Future

Vote YES on Proposition 30

You can help California reinvest in schools, communities, and essential services by making sure the top 2% pay their fair share. Join us by pledging to vote YES ON 30!

Prop 30 raises revenue primarily by increasing taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Californians for seven years -– households that make over $500,000 a year -- while also increasing the sales tax by a quarter-cent for four years. The projected $6–9 billion will fund schools, the Cal State and University of California systems, and essential services, which have collectively been slashed by $20 billion over the last several years. Prop 30 begins to stop the cuts and fund California’s future. Find more details on our Fact Sheet here.


“All Out for Prop 30” Get Out the Vote Effort

In the largest community-led voter mobilization effort in the state’s recent history, more than 5000 community members in 23 counties across California will phone and canvass hundreds of thousands of voters in the final 24 hours before Election Day (details in chart below).

The efforts are the culmination of months of work by communities around the state organized by groups that are part of Reclaim California’s Future. Collectively, we have engaged thousands of volunteers and community leaders around the state to turn out 250,000 voters who are most impacted by the budget cuts to pass Proposition 30. We anticipate this will add approximately 4% of the statewide winning vote for Proposition 30, the tipping point in this very close race. In the last several months, neighborhood residents, parents, students, seniors, educators, members of faith institutions have put in more than 35,000 hours of community labor to pass Proposition 30.


Jewish Youth for Community Action (JYCA) Supports Prop 30

We want to share this video made by the Jewish Youth for Community
Action with why they support Prop 30. Why should you join these young
community activists in supporting Prop 30? As one of them says

"Because every kid deserves a chance to succeed". Join us in voting
Yes on Prop 30!




Our video contest winners!

We asked YOU to tell us: Why does voting matter to you? How are you getting involved and why? Have recent budget cuts impacted you, your friends and family? How? What is on the November ballot that you really care about?

Congratulations to the winners!

First place: “Vote Yes on Prop 30” – Bianca Vasquez


Second place: “Why Does Your Asian Mom Vote?!” – Fung Brothers



This TV ad could help pass Prop. 30

Prop. 30 is barely over 50% in the polls. Research shows that once voters understand that $6 billion will automatically be cut if Prop. 30 does not pass, they will vote YES and tax the wealthiest 2% (plus a quarter-cent additional sales tax) to save public education and vital services.

Our new ad below will hammer home what's at stake on Nov. 6. Please share it with everyone you know by clicking here.



Gov. Brown speaks alongside Reclaim Coalition at UCLA Rally

California Governor Jerry Brown spoke at a noon rally on Tuesday, October 16, in UCLA’s Bruin Plaza on behalf of Proposition 30, the only measure on the November 6 ballot that will prevent further cuts to education.


Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of mostly students at noon, the governor said, "Our public colleges and universities are a pathway to the California Dream and ensure that we have the creative talent to succeed in an increasingly complex world. Join me in saying YES to Prop. 30 so we can stop the cuts, stop the tuition hikes and invest in a strong economy for the next generation.”

Other speakers at the rally included students, a campus worker, and the president of the California Federation of Teachers, Joshua Pechthalt. Pechthalt said, “Passing Prop. 30 isthe first step in getting California back on track, investing in the opportunity represented by schools for kids and families.  We are asking the wealthy to pay their fair share so we can restore the cuts to education, prevent tuition increases, and give our children the shot at the future they deserve.”

The UCLA event was part of a statewide UC “Day of Action” for Prop 30, and the first of a series of higher education events at which Governor Brown will be speaking.



Reclaim California Coalition succeeds in asking Molly Munger to pull down her negative ads

Last week members of the Reclaim California's Future coalition gathered at Los Angeles City College to ask Molly Munger and her Prop 38 campaign to stop their negative attacks against Prop 30. The only losers of this fight would be California's children and their schools. On Monday, the Prop 38 campaign stopped running their negative ads. A victory for all Californians who care about education!


Stop the Devastating Cuts to Higher Education in California!


State budget cuts have had a detrimental effect on California's institutions of higher education. This past year alone, our colleges and universities have absorbed $2.1 billion in cuts with additional trigger cuts of at least $500 million in the coming year if Prop 30 fails. These huge cuts represent a decade long trend of disinvestment in higher education despite growing enrollment.

Supporting Prop 30 is an opportunity for Californians to preserve the college promise to our next generation and ensure our higher education institutions have the capacity to serve a growing population of California students and prepare the educated workforce our economy needs.


Why do you care about voting on November 6? Convince us in two minutes and win $1500

California Calls, an alliance of 31 dynamic community organizations across the state, and Courage Campaign, California’s leading online political organizer, are calling on you to tell us in a short video why you care about voting this Election Day. We’re also offering five $100 prizes for the best art or graphic design that delivers a compelling visual message about voting in a few weeks.

Here are some questions to inspire you:

  • Why does voting matter to you?
  • How are you getting involved and why?
  • Have recent budget cuts impacted you, your friends and family? How?
  • What is on the November ballot that you really care about?

What should your piece do?

  • Tell your personal story of why voting is important to you, our state or our future.
  • Represent you, your opinions, values and ideas.
  • Keep our attention. That means:
    • It should be no more than two minutes long. Longer videos will be automatically disqualified.
    • Be creative and fresh. Think outside the box!
    • Make it compelling and interesting.

Submission deadline is Monday, October 22nd at midnight PST. Please upload videos to YouTube and send us a link of your video at with your full name, telephone number and mailing address. Artwork can also be submitted to the same email address.

The winners will be chosen by our partners and a jury of communications experts at California Calls. All entrants will receive a California Calls T-Shirt, a reusable water bottle, and a car magnet, as well as a Courage Campaign tote bag, button, and sticker. The creator of the winning video will receive a $1500 cash prize.

All the winning pieces (both the video and the art work/graphic design) will be shared and spread across social media sites affiliated with California Calls, Courage Campaign, and Reclaim California’s Future. It will get great exposure and be seen by many people.


Rally for Resolutions: YES on 30, NO on 32

On Tuesday, October 9, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors will be voting to take positions on the key statewide Propositions: 30 and 32.

Public service providers and advocates, community and labor leaders, parents, students, patients, good government groups, and more will rally on the steps of the Hall of Administration and testify at the Board of Supervisors meeting for resolutions on the Supervisors to support YES on Prop 30
and NO on Prop 32. Join Us!

Rally for Resolutions:
When: Tues, Oct 9 - 12:00
Where: L.A. County
Hall of Administration
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles 90012


Today’s lesson: Props 30—Time to stop the super rich from trying to set the agenda for California

On Wednesday, September 26, a fired up group of public school students and parents, teachers, and community members from the ReFund California coalition boarded school buses and led a Tour of Top California Political Donors Homes in Bel-Air, ending with a teach-in on the front “lawn” of anti-Prop 30 donor A. Jerrold Perenchio.

Approximately 100 people participated from ACCE, SEIU 721, United Teachers Los Angeles, AFT 1475, UAW 4123, Courage Campaign, Academic Professionals of California, and the National Lawyers Guild.

Among the speakers were Jessica Tobon, a student from Maya Angelou Community High School in South LA, who described classes of over 50 students, and her mother Aurora Tobon who called for the super-rich to pay their fair share rather than spending their money fighting against education funding. A group of high school and college teachers -- David Rapkin, Carla Colindres, Sarah Knopp, Melissa Naponelli, Kevin D'Amato, Joe Zeccola, and Rich Andersen -- led a great lesson on who's really making the big decisions for our state. Jerry Clyde, an LA County social worker, described the difficulty of doing his job with less resources each year. And Rose Gudiel talked about the multiple furlough days at the state Employment Development Department, making it hard for her to do her job of assisting unemployed residents.

Check out our events page to learn about opportunities to volunteer and get out the vote!


Volunteering rocks! Check out our friends at Oakland Community Organizations

The enthusiastic volunteers at Oakland Community Organizations (OCO) star in this video as they do their part to make sure Prop 30 passes. Come join them!

These volunteers are having a blast while making sure everyone knows how important it is that pass Prop 30 to restore funding to our schools and protect public safety.

Check out our events page to find out how you can join them and make a difference in your community. There are events going on all over California.


Why we need Prop 30

At our press conference on August 7, members of the faith community made perfectly clear why California must pass Prop 30 and how the Reclaim California's Future coalition will help make that happen.

In the video above, Rev. Amelia Adams, Pastor at the Open Door House of Prayer in Stockton, told the assembled group in part, “For California to be a Land of Opportunity, we must provide enough funding for health, education and public safety to protect the state's poorest and most vulnerable residents, while opening the pathways of opportunity to all: a decent education, access to health care, and equal justice before the law. Our faith traditions call on those who have been blessed with riches to share them with those who have suffered misfortune.”

In the video above, Father Margarito Martinez, Pastor at Our Lady of the Rosary of Talpa Church in Los Angeles added “The economic calamity in our nation and our state -- the result of deliberate policy choices by wealthy elites -- has brought misery to our families and closed off the pathways of opportunity to our children.” He went on to note the impact that just one member of the Reclaim California's Future coalition had on the signature gathering process: “PICO California collected nearly 10,000 volunteer signatures to get Prop 30 on the ballot, and we are committed to doing our share in turning out 250,000 infrequent voters of color to claim their power and rebuild the Land of Opportunity here in California.”


Reclaim California’s Future Meets the Press

On Tuesday, we announced our efforts at a press conference on the Capitol steps in Sacramento. Check out the photos below with lots more here.

“Cuts to education, job training, community health and senior citizens’ programs are devastating communities across the state,” said Anthony Thigpenn, president of California Calls, a diverse alliance of thirty-two grassroots organizations from across the state. “The Prop 30 vote will likely be close and our grassroots coalition is uniquely suited to reach and motivate voters others can’t. Clergy, teachers, students, immigrants, and union members representing over 60 organizations will help us deliver key groups of voters in support of fair taxes.”


Announcing the Reclaim California’s Future Coalition

The powerful grassroots coalition that sponsored the Millionaires Tax of 2012 and worked with Governor Brown to craft Proposition 30 is back! We've broadened our reach and re-organized as the Reclaim California's Future coalition. We will run a grassroots campaign to deliver 250,000 votes in 23 counties to pass Prop 30 on November 6, 2012.

Why are we dedicated to passing Prop 30?

  1. Prop 30 is the first step to investing in California’s families -- our future. Our families can’t succeed unless our schools have teachers, colleges are affordable, libraries stay open, and neighborhoods stay safe. This initiative puts the state’s priority back on what matters: our future, our families, our neighborhoods.
  2. Prop 30 brings fairness to our tax code. 90% of the funding comes from increasing taxes on the wealthiest 2%, who’ve done well in these tough times while the rest of us have suffered. We need to close loopholes and make our tax code fair to the 99% of us who work hard and play by the rules, not just the wealthy who lobby hard and rewrite the rules.
  3. Prop 30 begins to restore the billions in cuts that have been made to our schools, libraries, clinics and essential services. If this doesn’t pass, the state will automatically cut $5 billion more.